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Our Pets

We found the conversation with Doncaster about pets very interesting.  Our kids were suprised to find out that kids in the city could have pet chickens!  We all liked the graphs you made.  We will post some pictures of our pet drawings later this week.

Hello from Foundation M – Doncaster Primary

Hello Talbot Primary School!

Thank you for sharing your photo in the classroom, here is one of us. We cant wait to set up our video so we can say a proper hello!

Foundation M at Cross Country

Foundation M at Cross Country

Today we read Country Mouse, Town Mouse and we loved it! We found out it takes 2 hours and 17 minutes to get from Doncaster Primary School to Talbot Primary School! That is a long way away.

Here are some of the questions the students came up with!

Who is your principal?

Who are your teachers?

What is your sports teachers name?

What language do you also learn?

What do you make in Art?

Is your school like ours, is it bigger?

Do you grow monsters for your brain breaks (GOnoodle website)?

Do you do House Cross Country?

Do you go on excursions?

Do you walk to school?

Do you ride your horses home?



Cant wait to here from you! 🙂

Saying Hello!

Hiya folks!

This is Mr Hammond from Talbot Primary School.

This is all very new stuff to us, so we might make a few slip ups and be a bit slow on the uptake, please be patient with us!

Looking forward to getting to know you all at our partner school as this project moves along.

Mr H