Hello from Foundation M – Doncaster Primary

Hello Talbot Primary School!

Thank you for sharing your photo in the classroom, here is one of us. We cant wait to set up our video so we can say a proper hello!

Foundation M at Cross Country

Foundation M at Cross Country

Today we read Country Mouse, Town Mouse and we loved it! We found out it takes 2 hours and 17 minutes to get from Doncaster Primary School to Talbot Primary School! That is a long way away.

Here are some of the questions the students came up with!

Who is your principal?

Who are your teachers?

What is your sports teachers name?

What language do you also learn?

What do you make in Art?

Is your school like ours, is it bigger?

Do you grow monsters for your brain breaks (GOnoodle website)?

Do you do House Cross Country?

Do you go on excursions?

Do you walk to school?

Do you ride your horses home?



Cant wait to here from you! 🙂

One thought on “Hello from Foundation M – Doncaster Primary

  1. Mr Hammond

    Hello again.
    That’s a lot of questions!
    We are going to be writing ours tomorrow morning (I forgot…)
    What time Wednesday would work for you for our Polycom session? If you like we can have a no-kids practise before then, either tonight or tomorrow evening. Straight after school would work OK for me or around 5:00 as we do have staff meetings Monday and Tuesday. OR if you have an APT session today or tomorrow any time after 11:30 I can be available.
    I was thinking maybe first thing Wednesday? Do the role, then give you a call on the Polycom.
    Mr H


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