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Hello, This is the blog for Tempy and Tallygaroopna PS. When you post make sure you select the category TempyTally. Happy blogging and getting to know each other.

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  1. Tempy Primary School

    The TempyTally Country Mice Skyped today, rehearsed clear voices using the Skype Audio check feature to ensure we were all being received in the best speaking range. We used a Speakers Hat to assist the identification of who was speaking as with larger groups this can cause some confusion. Students had rehearsed ‘Getting to Know You’ questions to spark the conversations and will be followed up with some formal information sharing between the two groups in the form of posters we will mail each other. The challenge for small schools is always managing smaller numbers so they blend with the larger groups. At the moment we are aiming for groups of three – one Tempy to two Tally mice. Building effective collaboration will be as important as communication skills between the groups.


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