Saying Hello!

Hiya folks!

This is Mr Hammond from Talbot Primary School.

This is all very new stuff to us, so we might make a few slip ups and be a bit slow on the uptake, please be patient with us!

Looking forward to getting to know you all at our partner school as this project moves along.

Mr H

3 thoughts on “Saying Hello!

  1. Inaz Madkhul

    Hello Mr Hammond!

    Foundation M here! We read ‘Country Mouse, Town Mouse’ and are very excited to get to know Talbot Primary school.

    Ms Madkhul

    1. Mr Hammond Post author

      Hi Foundation M

      Would you be available for a Polycom session next Wednesday morning sometime? I’m thinking I’ll get my kids to write up some questions to ask around the ideas in session 1. Then I would get chosen kids to stand up and ask your class their questions. We could also answer questions from your class about us.
      Mr H

  2. vcol

    Hello Mr H!

    I just posted up a photo and some questions that the grade came up with but I think having the students ask would be a wonderful idea.

    Our camera is playing up but if I can manage to sort it out by Wednesday morning, I will let you know!

    Looking forward to it!

    Foundation M


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